80s music poll: favorite album by Level 42 (part 1)?

A jazz/funk/pop band active in 80s…their albums released in da 1st half of 80s were jazz-fusion with funk influences mostly…. afterwards they become a sophisti-pop band, similar with Johnny Hates Jazz or Climie Fisher.

From this part my fav album would b their self titled “Level 42”

  • Level 42
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  • Strategy (The Early Tapes)
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  • The Pursuit Of Accidents
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  • Standing In The Light
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  • you actually going to get a response to this, everyone is too young!

    • huh? wot do u mean?

    • Even when you're young you can enjoy 'retro' music my man.

    • totally agree and good on you, just not sure how many on here would know who they were!!

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