I'm affraid my self esteem is to high?

Does that mean I have low self esteem?

~ I'm a sexy beast! XD

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  • You're probably a little cocky and that is just as bad.


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  • I say keep your self esteem females are attracted to confidence just don't be cocky with it. Trust me its better to aim too high then too low. Because my self esteem is low af even thou in mutil talented, athletic, super storng for my sizes people swear I work out or do steroids lol but I don't I'm just naturally built, also I have girls that are chasing after me so I know I'm not as ugly as i think I am if all these females are after me. But my self esteem has always been really low. But now I get to the point where I contemplate susicide because I dispise myself. I hate being darkskinded, I hate my height, I just hate myself. I get so low that I don't feel like going on. But I just write a song about it and that helps me cope. I mean even thou I know I have peope that love me I feel so alone. Mabey it was the fact that I had my heart broken twice that made my self esteem this low. Mabey it's he fact that I want to find love but I'm to afraid of getting hurt agin. Who am I kidding that's exactly what it is... but I say be proud of your high self esteem because I would give the world to have a high self esteemed be happy or even content with the way my life is. But for now I'll just keep putting on fake smiles and carry myself with confidnece in public but brake down behind close doors. Fml

    • Yeh, F Your L too.

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    • My girlfriends on GaG, I can't be caught, lol.

    • Ok I understand that lol

  • You are awesome

  • very high bro... tone it down 8)

  • Fuck you scrub!

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