Are homeowners' associations drunk on power?

I know this video is 2 years old, but it does illustrate my point. Yes, Toni is a loudmouth attention seeker who needs to know when and how to pick her battles. But this time, I feel she was in the right.

This isn't the only story I've heard of where a homeowners' association went overboard to punish creativity. Or pragmatism. Or... patriotism. Or... anything they felt like. Little old grannies threatened for not baking gay pseudowedding cakes, grannies jailed for growing tomatoes in the front yard, a dude threatened for having a flag in his yard threatened again when he paints his house to look like a giant flag in protest... does the insanity never end?

  • Do you not know this is the USSA? Get used to it, comrade!
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  • Homeowners' Associations have way too much power.
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  • I'm leaving one soon. They are drunk on power sometimes. I never want to be in one again.


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  • the charges are obviously fucking ridiculous, but if the HoA made it clear what is and is not allowed, then its just her against the fine print.

  • they have i believe... but not SO MUCH :-)

  • Some people are. The others let it happen.

  • I'd never be in a condo association or a hoa... Only dumb people join them...

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