What would you do in this situation?

So this guy has been bugging me to go to vegas with him. But I keep thinking he's joking, but I definitely would be interested. I'm very shy and nervous around him, even sending texts. I typed up a text message, but was hesitant to send it, I was going to erase it and hit send by mistake. I am too nervous to turn my phone back on. It is my fault, I shouldn't have typed it up, but I wanted to send it, but again I didn't want to. He makes me very nervous. I turned my phone off as quickly as I could. lol

Part of me wants to say I meant that for someone else LOL. But he wouldn't buy that would he?


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  • i'd try 2 not b nervous... and go to vegas if i wanted to go there actualy :-)


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  • Turn your phone back on!! I mean if you wanted to say it, then you shouldn't be too freaked out. You may be nervous, but seriously you have to be wanting to know what he says back.. I even want to know lol

    • I can't. XD Because he may have been joking about all this. And now I have to see him tomorrow.
      I'm always nervous when I text him. I turn it off all the time. And end up turning it back on later. Part of me says "I hope he ignores it." and then part of me says "Turn it back on girl!" After I sent it it, I was like "God, you have a funny sense of humor" lol.

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    • However, the way he's been asking it sounded like he wanted me to go this year. so I still wonder if he was joking or not. But maybe I decided too late. oh well lol.

    • If anything else, you could go next year :) If you do go, I hope its fun!

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