Is there anyone who is from portland?

What kind of city is portland? I live in Europe so I can come to the portland state university in the engineering department. So can you give me any information about portland state university and the portland city?


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  • Portland Oregon or Portland Maine?

    • I think it is Portland Oregon

    • Ahh Okies... Well, Portland is... Different.

      It's a decent sized city with a LOT to do and the university is right downtown so it's really easy to use free public transit. Everyone is really into recycling and being very "green". There are trees EVERYWHERE. And their soccer team tries very hard XD

      The weather is usually really rainy in the winter and in the summer it gets hot and humid.

      I've really only visited so I don't have a complete insider's take on the city.

    • Thank you for this information:)

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  • We kill unborn babies by the dozen just because we can. Also old people, we like them dead too.

    We are ashamed of ourselves and apologize to the world for being humans. And we love marijuana.

    • do u think it is funny?

    • What? That Portland is totally morally bankrupt? No. Not at all.

      They're so far left that Marx would distance himself from them.

  • its pretty awesome.


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  • i'm here all day... don't remember any person from portland... sorry :-/

  • Nope I know two people who live there though.

    • is it a small city?

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    • Ah, it is scary. Thanks man!

    • I don't know the girls I know down there never seem all that afraid so I don't think it is lol.