Are they gonna do anything?

I am the worst with bugs and way too scared. I just noticed that there's a spider in my room and then I noticed there's also a moth that flew right in my face. Are they gonna disturbe/bother me in any way, come on or near me, go on or in my stuff or anything? Are they gonna do anything that affects me or will?

I noticed yesterday that I had 2 small bumps on my arm/wrist/hand. Then right when I woke up this morning, I noticed that there's 6 bumps. 4 big with 2 together and 2 small ones. So obviously something has been sneaking up on me, trying to harm me and eat me, drink my blood and whatnot maybe? Unless it's something else and it's coincidental


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  • They should leave you alone.

    Fun Fact: There is a spider 6ft at all times.

    • They should leave me alone and there's always a spider near? I hope I don't have nightmares

    • Thank you & yes there is always a spider near... It freaks me out too :!

    • You're welcome. And holy crap! Yikes! 😯😦😨

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  • I have a friend in her 40's who screams and runs around if she sees a rolly polly bug, a spider, a fly, or one of those little bugs that look like tiny leaves. She's fun to play with.

    So... it would be evil to make you watch this scene from Wrath of Khan, then.; or make jokes about the Babelfish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    I'm kidding around. Most aren't really going to do much. Mosquitoes, pincher bugs, and bees/wasps are what I hate (bees could land me in the hospital, (I'm VERY allergic) so it makes sense); but most spiders you find in the house are innocent enough. They won't mess with you - they're mainly just a little creepy.

    You have dust mites around (most do), so there are ALWAYS bugs, not ones you can see. Those are gross, but they're fairly harmless. Many bugs are ok. They do some good.

    Except earwigs. Those things are evil.

    • Well I have bumps on my arm/wrist/hand now. Yesterday there was just 2 bumps and they were really small. Now they're huge and I have 6 bumps. 4 big with 2 together and 2 small ones. Does that mean something is trying to harm me and eat me, drink my blood and whatnot?

  • the spider won't bother you put itll leave some annoying webs from time to time. the moth will bother you. it will eat holes in your clothes

  • How f*cking high are you right now? Lol


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