Does anyone her listen to ASMR to help fall asleep?

The other night I ran into a vid on YouTube and is was ASMR, the guy was whispering and for some reason he made me feel really relaxed, like super relaxed, I slept like a baby!


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  • ASMR is the best relaxation method that I use, it's like audio weed for the brain 👌

    Although I don't really use it to fall asleep because I can just fall asleep in a matter of 5 minutes and dive into a deep solid sleep.

    I try limit myself from ASMR because it's very dangerously chemically addictive. You should checkout: Bob Ross and Venividiculpes (my personal favourite)

    The feeling is amazing ❤️👌


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  • I can't be bothered even googling what asmr is, but I like to listen to the sound of waves at night... that's relaxing...

    • That does sound very relaxing

    • It is, especially if you can get the app that has the pictures on your ipad so you watch it as you drift off...

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  • I have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Go on YouTube and search ASMR Sleep it's total relaxation

    • Hmm, I will check it out and then I will let you know!

    • It's weird at first but just close your eyes and try to relax hearing the video, when you get into it you will be hooked