I'm die'n & im try'n to get things wright but I also don't know what I'm doing is it Wright or not? & Thank you all for your help here?

There's something not quite right happening to me I know & I have just a month to live & I don't like to talk about it , but what I'm doing now is writing to my family on a note book & to my friends who have been there for me all the time , there was a lot of beautiful & pieceful times in my life with them & im writing to them about it & what they should do with encouraging them to be what they want to be , I don't know If this is right or not cuz im leaving a memory of a dead guy like me cuz I will be a past tense in a couple of months.
Is what am I do'n right?


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  • I an sure that they would love whatever notes and letters you leave for them. It's something they can hold on to when you're gone. They will treasure them. I am sorry to hear that you get such a short time here in this place. I'm sure the next place you go will be infinitely better!

    • Thank you you are so nice & kind

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