You ever that been that lonely that you have become that used to it you dont need a person to make you happy?

im 20 years old, i have no friends anymore, i only speak to my dad and my cousin, I've never been in a relationship, had a girl friend, had sex ever. I've been a loner most of my life now i normally find myself driving up to the park at the end of the day with my radio on full blast smoking my pipe by myself. I've tried getting into relationships and have always ended up in that dreaded friendzone! in which both times i have fallen in love and been hurt!! i know the difference between falling in love and a crush before i get bombarded with hate mail. I've come to terms with i ent going to find no one, no one is out there for me, just one of them things i guess " somethings ent ment to be" I've given up and thrown in the towel now. I've actually become quite bitter towards people now, i was the "nice guy" before annyway what im trying to say is I've felt like I've been alone for along time now and have become used to it and believe i dont need a partner or a friend to make me happy anymore, i want to be alone now because thats all i know, I've even taken myself off social media sites and changed my phone number. Is there anyone else out there that feels like this? or is it just m, e being stupid and have got myself into a right rutt? thank you for in advance for your replies and help :)


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  • actually i\ve abandoned most of ma friends... and neither feel lonely/sad... is it weird?

    • no not at all thats how i feel now! there was a time where i used to lie awake crying and feeling upset that i was alone, now I've become used to my own company i really enjoy it at times!! dont get me wrong i do have them days when you get that feeling of " mate your all alone you got no one!" and i do feel really low, thinks its just getting used to the idea of being involved and realising your frikin awesome lol

  • Loneliness is a black abyss of pure despair. For me, I suppose I'll just put everything into work and gaining power... it's better than wallowing in hopelessness and despair all day.