What is the name of this song? please ?

Its from a movie called "Beyond the lights" . Here is the link of the full movie : https://www.promptfile.com/l/FC6F405256-C8FAEE68C5
The song starts at 44:10 .
So , skip to that scene and see if u can help me please !



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  • Next time try this:

    If you know some of the lyrics, use Google. Type in the words you know, and the word "lyrics".

    Or, try searching on YouTube. Search by the scene and the movie name. For example, "Frozen, mountain top scene" (Only because I know that EVERYONE has seen that and knows the song) Next, try reading through the comments on the video ;) Someone always asks about the music, and someone always has an answer.

    • YEp.
      Have done all of that.
      The only words i know are "so wasted" :/
      You cannot submit comments on promptfile
      I didn't find the scene on youtube :/ even though , some people have tried finding the same scene bcz when i type "beyond the lights club scene" , there is a match but when i click search , i find nothing.
      But thanks a lot for trying ! :)

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    • It's "Give it All to Me" Featuring Niki Minaj.


    • If you listen you can hear the chorus in there, but the sound quality is distorted because it's a pirated copy of the movie.

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