What do you think about youtubers Disabling comments?

I personally am a social person and like to tell how good a video is or what people think of it by reading the comments below. Its kind of like watching tv with a friend or talking to someone after watching a movie. I do know why people have chosen to disable it. Due to internet trolls using anonymity. *Honestly i think that its fine that you can be anonymous but too many bad posts should get people squelched by default.*

What do you all think? Do you like comments or do you care?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have mixed opinions.

    On one hand, I think that it's a good thing to be able to discuss content, and it sucks when discussion is prevented through disabling the comments (that said, it's not like a whole lot of meaningful, insightful discussion happens in youtube comments).

    On the other hand, many youtube videos are directly linked to the creator's youtube account, which means abusive comments go directly to the creator.

    It can put youtubers in a tough spot, where you may want people to discuss your content, but you don't want to be subject to harassment from people. How do you deal with that? I mean, you can delete individual comments, but that might take a lot of time/effort depending on how viral your video goes, and you'll still have to be subjected to all the abusive comments in order to deal with it.

    In the end, I prefer that comments are left open, but I'm understanding when youtubers decide to close their comments. People are still free to discuss their videos on other mediums.

    • I think as comments are made via a group of people. The moderators should also be the same way. Burying something with down votes should send them to the black abyss of the bottom of the list where no one reads them.

      Question if they go viral how are you expected to respond to many thousands of comments. Understandably some would be bad but at that rate you wouldn't read all the good comments anyways.

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What Girls Said 2

  • There are people who call them names, tell them to kill themselves, and say their girlfriend looks like a foot.

  • Pewdiepie was the first youtuber to do that.
    He had a fair reason--
    1) too many spams, so genuine comment gets lost
    2) people used it to promote their channels.

    Ps- he has enabled it now.

    Bro Fist!!


What Guys Said 6

  • I made a let's play of Deux Ex Human Revolution a while back.
    While I didn't get many views on it i did get a crap load of comments on my channel from being called a 'flithy jews", a "nigger" and all sorts of wonderful.. epithets.
    And still I never disabled comments.

    Because guess what?
    Free speech comes with shit we might not like. But that's what FREE means. NOT to your liking.

    This is why I can never take serious that Sarkeesian woman.
    She may be right. But she censors so much you sometimes wonder if she just wants to preach.

  • I like comments that are informative and helpful. However, since it is the internet it allows people to spew their hatred and negative energy on others without the social stigma of doing so. I personally have disabled comments on some of my youtube videos because the commenters had nothing to say that was informative and attacked my race, ethnicity and was nothing but negative without providing help to better improve myself.

  • I love comments but I can see why some would do it. Youtube is filled with hate, really one of the worst places, comment-wise. And if they post a video they know draws out inflammatory responses, maybe it's best to simply disable them.

    But, to be completely honest I rather see them enabled always. Comments can be reported or simply ignored.

  • their account their rules 8)

    • Personally I avoid videos with disabled comments. From the ones that i have seen half of them seem to because they don't want the other opinions to be discussed. *yes sometimes i watch rantish vidoes* yet other ones are more popular videos which doesn't seem like any one could be offended or anything just the normal internet trolls. *If only we had a spot light taking away the ability for them to blend in a crowd

  • I support it, it reduces unnecessary comments

  • They probably just don't want to hear people's bullshit, I never shared videos publicly when I used to upload to youtube, on the settings I think I chose only subscribers could see and comment.

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