What if the movie Gattaca became a reality?

Imagine if the world advanced to the point where humans could be designed in a laboratory. Would you design your child from head to toe? What if you could ensure that your child would be free from genetic disease, and physically flawless, would you? Or would you be one of the few who would still prefer a natural birth? I think about this often, I really wished I was born in a time where we would have this technology. People would be 100 percent happier, imagine if obesity, ugliness, genetic disorders, autism, were all a thing of the past and obsolete. With a natural pregnacy, it's a roll of the genetic dice, but in a controlled environment every detail could be pre-determined and selected.

  • Genetically designing children is the future, I would personally embrace it.
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  • It's not in our place to design ourselves, I would place my faith in nature/god still.
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I shouldn't have used the movie in the question, I thought it would help people visualize the question. It looks like it's doing the opposite, it doesn't have to be exactly like the movie. Just picture the ability to select your children's genetics and features, would you do it?


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  • I would rather have cybernetic enhancements become a reality before genetic enhancements. Like I'd think it was badass if I could have super badass cybernetic limbs that could be multi purpose like a swiss army knife. It would look like a regular old human arm though. It would be badass to jump super high with cybernetic legs too. Badassery all around. Forget about biology technology is the way of the future ;)


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  • I want to comment on a few different topics.

    1) I don't think it's inherently wrong to discard, even in large quantities, these non implanted mass of cells.

    2) I do think it's inherently wrong to discard your own embryos or assist others in discarding their embryos based on superficial traits like eye color, hair color, skin color etc.

    3) I support picking the genetically fittest embryo and striving for implantation of the healthiest embryo available.

    4) Attractiveness is purely subjective. So some people would discard embryos that had certain traits while others would be looking for those traits.

    5) If this was possible for everyone, I would do this to pick the healthiest child but not the prettiest

    • Well my question is not so much about discarding anything. It's if you had the ability to design your child, and ensure they would be both healthy and attractive, would you? Or would you still have an old fashioned, natural birth knowing the risk of complications and problems was greater?

    • Oh, I watched Gattica years ago. I didn't know they were directly inserting and manipulating genes.
      I would prefer to simply pick the healthiest of my available embryos, and if had only unhealthy embryos then I would create a baby from scratch. In this case, I would pick my child's traits to be a mixture of the father and I. So, if he had dark skin and dark eyes, I would not choose to create a blonde, fair eyed child.. (because that would naturally happen on a very rare basis.)
      And I would obviously choose to create a healthy child.

    • I don't think they did, but I used the movie as an example. Just to give people a rough visual.

  • I would totally rid my kids of genetic diseases, but I don't think I would design them to be physically flawless.

    • i wonder what physically flawless really looks like, or is capable of hahaa

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    • @bubble_tea probably, but the movie is more of a general guideline and visual lol. It's not meant to be scripture, I'm just saying I could see similar technology developing in the future, and I think it would be a good thing.

    • Ah ok then.. well, like surrogacy right now, I think it would be extremely expensive and only for the rich. And the only thing it would ensure is making rich people also very good looking and very healthy compared to the poor. And without actually having to put a woman through pregnancy, they will even have more kids than with surrogacy right now.

      My egg cells are there since birth already ready so to speak. I'm not sure how you can manipulate any of them to have a different DNA to get a certain eye color. Looking through them and selecting one that has the DNA already for a particular eye color is more likely.

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  • That movie is so fucking boring. One of two movies that I had to stop watching because it was too boring.

  • can we redesign ourselves at least? :D

    • wooohhooooo i approve then :)

    • @Klaatu51 lol, well at least you would accept scientific progress. I just have a feeling there would be many opposed to the idea. I think the progress would scare many people.

  • i would keep it natural, there is a great sense of pride when my child with imperfections achieves the impossible.

    • I agree with you

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    • Have you actually seen the movie? Yeah it was cool that he could become an astronaut.. but the criminal things he had to do in order to get there. Without becoming a criminal, he would just be a janitor for life.

    • @bubble_tea I was forced to watch it in high school hahaa

  • I believe that if e could actuall genetically make a child anyway we wanted to we would be trying to have them be what we wanted to be but never were or are not. We would be living our fantasies through them.

    • Doesn't every parent want better for their child though? Parents push their kids to do well in school and in sports, hoping they don't make our mistakes and can have better futures. Often times the parents who push the hardest where the ones who were not great at sports or academics.

    • were the ones*