How to identify a player?


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  • You may get to hear tips from people about flirting and talking to a lot of girls but that isn't it. Some of my friends talk and flirt with lots of girls but they are not players. One of them is gay so we can safely say that talking and flirting isn't a sign. It can be just being social.

    It is all about the intent behind it. I do notice that the players I know would lie to get what they want. They also seem less patient. If they don't get what they want they are usually gone. But then again I am sure there are players that can wait forever.

    A serious guy will have more interest in you personally and the average player will have that less. But some of the real Casanova's know how to handle that.

    I find hard to tell what it is to look for. Instinctively can recognise one immediately but to describe one is not that easy.


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  • he;ll flirt many gals at the same time :)

  • How do I know, depends on the game..

    • like he told me that he likes me and to give my snap chat but he he flirts a lot with other girls and after talking to him he wan't a naked picture of me but i said no and i blocked him is he a player?

    • Sounds like player, but never met on so I don't know how such guy might looks like

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  • If you observe them flirting or spending a lot of time around other women that would be a sign. Players are also likely to shower girls in compliments and be extremely affectionate when it's very early so they can get someone into bed. If you turn them down for sex they probably won't stick around much longer.

    • like if a guy asks for your snap chat and wants picture of you? and i noticed that he flirts

    • If he hasn't seen you in person that may not be a sign... just watch for how heavily he comes onto you.

  • Someone who goes through girls a lot.