High School: Freshman and sophomore year teachers love you, but junior year they want you gone?

I heard that saying somewhere.

Well for me, it couldn't be anymore true. Most teachers this year hate me (I am a junior) while most of my teachers in freshman and sophomore year thought pretty well of me.

I totally had junioritis this here, if you know what I mean. I think that might be the contributing factor. Throughout my junior year, I've been pretty arrogant and neglectful about school naturally. Actually, I was becoming like that towards the end of sophomore year too (and those teachers began to hate me too).

I am greatly concerned about a lot of other things as well and I think concern about those things has deterred me from holding school in high regard. My GPA has dropped over 1.5 points this year.

Anyon experienced this?


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  • No I worked my butt off every year of school. my GPA was about a 3.7-3.9 I think. But I worked so hard because my grades were so important to me. 10th grade was the easiest year, not because the work was easy but because I didn't feel a lot of pressure. But I always tried to do great in schools and to make my teachers happy

    • I have like a 3.5 after seriously slacking off and abusing time-extensions to procrastinate, etc. I am given time-extensions from special accommodations. They say I am wasting my natural potential, and they're right - I probably could have had like a 3.9-4.0 if I tried.

      I just can't stand school anymore, and there are some other factors involved in why I feel this way which I don't want to get into. I also have quite a short attention span and difficulty focusing - which is the reason I have those extensions.

    • Seriously just get it done with. I don't know what kind if highschool you go to but I know my friends who went to other schools worked their butts if junior year and then only went to school for like 2 hours a day senior year. I went to a college prep school and couldn't do that but I know some can. Even if not just work hard and it will eventually be over. Honestly highschool is some of the easiest stuff you'll do in your life, you just have to do it

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  • yes some teachers r jackasses... i remember a teacher who was always putting me down... hope now he's fired 8)

    • I think that a lot of it for me was my jackassery too, as I said above.

    • lol, I think I've given you almost a 100 XPER now (not that you really care because you're already a Master)

    • thanks again... but please respect my privacy... :)

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  • this happened to me.


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