Experience on living in the UK?

Almost ending of this year, i'm moving to Uk, London, so can you guys tell me what I would face?
The people, things, etc.
I have to study English because as i'm coming from Spain, none English country, I need a English certificate before I can enter any University...
How is Uni like, the more you explain about it, it would be perfect.


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  • British people are extremely sarcastic and dislike foreigners. Not speaking English well will be a hindrance in finding a job and interacting with people, they won't like the fact you don't speak it well. Be prepared for the occasional rude comment.

    Universities are okay, if you live in a residence (you probably will for the first year) you'll be sharing with several other people - you will have your own bedroom and bathroom probably, but share a kitchen. You will see just how much British people drink soon enough.

    London is a shithole. It is dirty, expensive and crowded.

    • I speak English perfectly well, but because I come from Spain I need the certificate.
      But at Uni, normally the first year do people have to stay in Residence? Because my dad won't allow me stay there, he says no, never.
      I'm not going to live in London city, I'm going to live in the outskirts.

    • You still won't speak it like a native, and that's something they'll pick up on. The UK is full of regional accents and people are mocked or ostracised for coming from elsewhere in the country.

      You don't *have to* stay in residence, but many do. It's a good stepping stone to learning how to live on your own, which you're going to do eventually, right? The life skills you learn are arguably as important as what you'll learn on your course.

      London has a lot of outskirts, some are nicer than others.

    • You're right, thank you so much :D :D

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  • don't trust any stereotype dat British people have bad teeth... false 2 the bone :)

    • Lol... I've heard that. I can say the same thing about people from Spain. This happens in all the world, I think.

  • It's expensive and poor value for money at every turn!


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  • London is super pretty!