Is this true? whose side are you on?

So me and my Mom have been fighting.
Me, as a Teen, leaving Highschool, ready to graduate, old enough to drive.
I have no freedom, she doesn't let me out at day/night, I'm just hanging out with some friends.
So I sneak out, and just goto where I want, Friends, Parties, ETC.
Like iIl still have responsibities, I still come home safely.
and so she would get mad at me, but you give me no freedom, making me a rebel.

So wouldn't you do the same? like if you didn't have your time.
wouldn't you sneak out without saying anything?
Giving me no freedom, just makes me want to leave the house one day and not come back.


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  • i'd never sneak out.. she might worry and have a heart attack maybe o_O

    • Basically her fault for not letting me out.
      If you give me my time, I'll tell you where I'm at and I'll come home early.

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  • i get you.


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  • She's a woman. Unless you're physically smaller than her, do whatever the fuck you want.

    • I'm bigger than her.

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    • I'm still doing it, she's still mad at me, I come home, I don't give a damn, it's whatever to me.
      If she's mad, she's mad, whatever her fault.

    • How am I doing what she tells me to? did you not read my story?