Question for mothers (single moms in particular): Do you raise your son to believe that women are special beings that deserve to be treated?

better than his own gender or give women more protection than necessary?

  • No, I'm more of a role model to him of how a lady should behave
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  • Yes, we are the ones who should teach are son not only how to treat a lady but give her a lot of protection
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  • I have a son, and I don't ever tell him that a woman is better Than him. I don't teach him that women NEED his protection, nor do I implement gender stereotypes on him. I allow him to be himself, and show him how to respect all beings; regardless of gender, color, ethnicity, and species. It is my hopes that my son grows up to respect and protect other humans, because it, is the right things for a human to do. Does this, make sense?


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  • Why are you singling out single mothers?

    My feminism pretty much affects how I view my future parenting when I will have kids. The message wouldn't vary too much between raising a daughter or son, if at all. I would teach them about equality, inequality, history, politics, etc. I would teach them that people deserve to be treated with basic respect, but also that some forms of respect are to be earned. I don't know what "giving women more protection than necessary" means to you, but its probably not something I agree with, so I'm not sure how to answer that. I would teach him that women are an historically disadvantaged group, sexism is real, and that mommy likes to fight systematic oppression and a variety of 'isms, sexism, racism, etc.

    • Well, women still receive much lesser consequences than men in the justice system (Western Countries) committing the same exact crimes as them. Plus, men have to deal with much more responsibilities and suck up to everything they are attacked by. This is not to disregard all the disadvantages that you ladies have but you have to look at both sides of the coin.

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    • But you do realize that issues one group faces doesn't erase centuries of oppression and discriminatory treatment for another group, right? Thats like saying, "white people have problems, therefore institutional racism and racial oppression doesn't exist," or "white people have problems, so consider that while talking about institutional racism toward ethnic minorities." Illogical conclusion, first. And second, it's not necessary to talk about one group that has problems when focusing on the mammoth history of oppression toward another. If anything, its kind of disrespectful and shows a lack of true understanding of the severity or seriousness of the topic at hand. Talking about sexism or racism toward specific groups doesn't and shouldn't always be followed by a comment on how "other people have issues too." Thats beyond annoying.

    • As for your comment, a lot of the problems men face have to do with the sexist systems and ideas that were created to uplift men and degrade women. It kind of has a boomerang effect. If you condition thinking that men are strong and superior and women are weak and to be protected, this is what you get. "Stop crying and be a man." Thats how sexism works. Polarized ideas about men and women.

  • None of your options. I'd raise my son to be respectful to anyone who deserves it, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation etc.

  • I always tell my son to be nice to his girlfriend or wife when he gets older

    • What would you tell your son if his GF/wife constantly mistreats him or disrespects him?

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    • He'd probably be too embarassed about it. I understand that deep down you'd probably would want to rip the gf/wife's head off if she ever maltreats your son but it's nice that you're aware that you might possibly humiliate him if you help him with his problems (not that it's a good or bad thing).

  • I would teach my son to treat his momma like queen but slap a hoe if she disrespects him. Ain't no bitch gonna make my son her bitch.

    • By disrespecting him, what do you mean by that? Physically assaulting him unprovoked or attempting to kill him or are you just being sarcastic with your answer?

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    • You should probably not encourage him to "beat that bitch's ass" if you have any interest in your son not going to prison for domestic violence/abuse charges. Food for thought.

    • @miramiraonthewall: Yeah. I agree that violence isn't the best solution for "disrespect" or whatever she specifically means by that and I can understand that she'd be very protective of her son but unless his gf/wife is genuinely trying to severly injure or kill him or harm a defensless child, then there's no other reason for him to "beat that bitch's ass".

  • No i raise my son to know the truth that every women knows, all other women are bitched and he should fuck him and pass them to his homies. He's going to be a player. I can tell. I'm so proud of him already. He already has three baby moma's and he is only 16.

  • yes, i do.