Lost a friend's phone number. What do I do?

For idiotic reasons, I wrecked my cell phone and failed to look into backing up my contacts beforehand, and I lost every phone number I had. What I am most pissed about is that one of them belonged to a friend from another robotics team. I met her at a robotics competition I we occasionally texted to each other since then. She's really nice :). What do I do now?

PS: She's from Idaho, and I'm from California


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  • Can't you find her on social media and ask her for it?

    • I didn't mean the dislike. I hardly use social media (I'm still figuring out GAG). I planned on asking for her email later, but I never did. All I had was her number, and I didn't back up anything

    • You might just have to wait for her to contact you then.

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