What's the best way to go about looking for and applying for jobs?

every job I've had has been offered to me becuase i knew someone who was already at that business. But right now I'm doing some job hunting, since I'm not happy where I currently am. what is the best way to look for and then apply for a job? Online perhaps? Or maybe phoning up a place and asking if theyre hiring?

Since Im a university student, I'm looking for something that... well... university students look for. Im not sure how to put it in other words. But any help would be great!


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  • update your resume in LinkedIn is helpful too. Google all potential company and start sending email to them. I'm searching job after graduate online, and got 5 companies calling me for an interview.

    make sure your resume is impressive, that's the key for job hunting - potential and unique and also, professional (don't use funny personal email to send your job application)

  • Make copies of your resume and hand it out everywhere you can. even if they aren't currently hiring.


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