Why are black peaceful protesters in Baltimore getting used by right wing blogospheres to demonize black people as thugs?

Why are black peaceful protesters in Baltimore getting used by right wing blogospheres to demonize black people as thugs, but 5 white biker gangs destroying a restaurant in a shootout in Texas don't get used to demonize white people as thugs? Why are black people in general supposed to be typically fatherless thugs due to cherrypicked events, but white people don't get the same treatment? Just curious.


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  • That's what the media like to do when there are riots/demonstrations. They focus on the negative aspects like vandalism or violence to depict the rioters as thugs rather than looking at the root cause of the problem (why the riot/demonstration happened)


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  • You are calling those protesters in Baltimore peaceful? They burned down half the city!!

    • I'm talking about only the peaceful protesters whose footage gets blasted on channels like foxnews to shape a point. The rioters are not trying to help anyone, and some might even be cops or paid by cops. Google that trend.

    • You are not making any sense I'm sorry.

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  • As a Texan that is seeing the media coverage of the event in Waco that you're referring to, I can say that you are completely wrong about everything you just said.

    • Do tell.

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    • @sweetcaroline17

      BA BA BAAAA!

    • Does anybody at all have a problem with peaceful protests?

      "So your argument is that it's better to wreak havoc outside of your community instead of protesting within it"

      Im not saying that all.

      As far as I know, it's just the Baltimore community being demonized, not the entirety of the black community. Granted, I avoid major news networks, so I could be missing something.

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    • Not sure what _you_ are trying to say by posting videos.

    • Watch them :)

    • I would rather not watch 3 random videos posted without explanation. It's preferable if you engage in relevant discussion.

  • Because the right wing blogosphere is a bunch of xenophobic jerkoffs.

  • ... are you living on the same planet as the rest of us?

  • I wouldn't say they were peaceful. I don't think any news channel paid attention to any of the ones that were peaceful anyway.
    If what you say is true, they should just stick to the crime statistics.

    • Yes, they should stick to the crime statistics. But even then they would mention the massive black-on-black crime, while ignoring the comparable white-on-white crime.

    • Comparable? lol
      12.5% of the population making up roughly 48% of all murders in the US and that's not to mention the other violent crimes. That's for adults by the way. It is even more disproportionate under 18.
      It's only comparable when you look at sheer numbers and not percentages. About 200 million people committing x number of crimes versus about 40 million committing the same number is not comparable.
      Do you think white people are okay with white on white crime? They are not the ones defending Mike Browns because they share the same skin color. The main reason that people bring up black on black crime is because of the fervor about the handful of times of white on black crime (if it is even a crime in those instances), which, by the way, is less than the obverse.

      None of that is really relevant to this because to put it simply, no one is defending those white bikers like they are good guys. People were defending those that were looting a rioting however.

    • The point is the vast majority of white murder victims are murdered by other whites, but nobody condemns that as a racial thing. Only when blacks stand out in something does it become a statistic worthy of condemnation, for those people.

      So mainstream society isn't defending the biker gangs. Are you saying it defends black criminals? Show me who and where was defending black criminals. Show me who was promoting looting/rioting.

  • Centuries of racism practically bonded to the country's DNA, my friend.

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