Guys, Why is he acting like this?

Me & my friend was talking at work like normal Blah blah blah so he was like "What's been going on w/ you? I haven't been seeing you at work alot". I said well I had to take some time off some things been going on lately w/ me. He laughed & said Like what? Are you pregnant? & I said yeah by this guy I've been talking to for a while. He paused & looked at me & said really & just walked off. Now he won't even say hey to me at work.


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  • You pretty much just wrecked his feelings more or less. I find it hard to become just friends with the opposite gender if they are even a little bit attractive. He liked you and you trampled on them feelings. He's probably depressed and is trying to bounce back somehow, and has/will come to the conclusion that he needs to get far far away from you, at least for a while to be okay again.


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  • I think he liked you so he's upset that you got knocked up by another guy

  • It's kind of obvious he had feelings for you. Maybe he didn't make it that clear to you and he just wanted to talk. But clearly he had feelings and the fact you've been with another guy is probably just too much for him to cope with, especially if you were just sleeping around and not in a relationship. Maybe he feels you deserved a lot more and he could have gave it and hearing stuff like that has just made him depressed. Who knows, just my guess...