How to cope with disappointment?

How do you deal with something that you worked hard for but it eventually didn't work out for you, you feel crushed and down, and that life just drained out of you, you had hope and dreams, but it came out shattered, you're destroyed...

For my case, I worked hard to get into a college overseas but they did not accept me, eventually and now Im thinking about committing suicide because nothing is worthwile, literally everything is so worthless, everything, Im a weak person and I dont know how to deal with so much consecutive failures, life is against me, I dont get it..

Please tell me your stories and how did you cope with that despair and how did you manage to get yourself up again, I really need some pep talk and previous people's experiences :)


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  • - Don't expect or get your hopes up

    - Expect failure on everything you do so when you fail you won't feel like giving it up because you alreadyy knew and expected what was going to happen

    - realise that failure and mistakes is how we learn the fastest and grow as a person

  • Become a Buddhist. The whole point of Buddhism is to teach you how not to be disappointed. The root of disappointment is failed expectations. If you don't have expectations, you don't have disappointment. Furthermore, you accept loss easier by realizing everything is transient. And, any good things that happen are even better because... they weren't expected. Buddhism changed my life. Now I can wake up each morning without fear and without wanting to put a gun in my mouth.

    • Im already a muslim, although I label my self a muslim but the truth is Im in doubt most of the times, but I genuinely feel like there is a god out there, there aren't much proof of it and generally the religion is questionable, but despise the current events, Islam is really one of the most peaceful religions there is, it actually has this concept and that if something doesn't come or happen, that means there is a good aspect to it and behind it, I was raised in a muslim family so I always feel like ALLAH exist, you know? It's in my gutts, you wouldn't understand unless you were in my position...
      But being a buddhist is good I guess, but then again when you're in a big mess, you feel so low that religion doesn't really influence in your mental state..

    • Well, keep in mind something: You can be both a Muslim and a Buddhist. You can be Christian and Buddhist. You can be Jewish and Buddhist. The principles of Buddhism do not preclude other religious beliefs.

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