Would you ever talk to you current spouses ex?

Say you are in a new relationship or current one and you want to know more about your love interest and their past. Would you ever contact their ex to find out more information about how this person treated them, was in the relationship, why they broke up, etc?

I personally sent an email to my boyfriend's ex fiance 3 years ago after a bad breakup and told her to call me which she did and we spoke 2 hours about him and she promised to keep it secret. She then called him and told him about it. He was pissed lol.



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  • I would have broken up with you in a second. That's such an outrageous violation of trust.

    • We were already broken up during the time and I am a free person. I can talk to whomever I want

    • Funny how you never mentioned that detail. Still out of line.

      And yeah, you can talk to whomever or do whatever you want. That doesn't exempt you from the consequences of your choices.

    • No regrets

What Girls Said 1

  • No. That is none of my business.