How to write a Love Confession letter to a guy? and How would Guys react to it?

I fell in love which is something like a miracle to me , because I'm what you may call an ice queen, not by choice, but that who I am. Anyway, I don't want anything from him , and I'm not expecting anything , I just want to confess my feeling the right way and get this over with. I want to look back one day and know that I did everything I could with no regrets.
Can you help me write a love letter?
thank you !


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  • just grab a paper and pencil, sit down, think about him and then feel your heart, then pour it out on paper.

    • I'm not that good with words :\ but I'll try ^^

    • trying is what counts! im glad you said that instead of only using it as an excuse. nice.

    • thank you. I'm a little nervous , it's the first time I've ever done this !

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  • Before you write a letter, have you at least had any conversations with him in person that were meaningful?

    • of course we went to the same class for 2 years xD

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    • thank you for your help ^^

    • no problem. That's just to give you some ideas.

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  • write down all your feelings. im sure he'll love it!

    • yes but how? I've never wrote a letter before ! and a love letter...