Will you give up your essential liberty to gain a false sense of security?

Eric Holder said decades ago, that if the government would continue to spread propaganda that guns are bad, and hammer it into people, they would start buying into the lies! All the other countries are filled with ignorant people who allowed their governments to disarm them! This is using some sense. A heavily armed government that has problems with you owning arms; are for reasons both you and I would want to resist from! Here is a fact for you, the Sandy Hook shooting was faked! The FBI concluded that no one died on that day in the so called abandon school called Sandy Hook! Yes, the school has been abandoned for almost a decade, and the government were running drills that day at that school! It was a false flag carried out by our criminal government in a attempt to get Americans to happily surrender our guns! They failed, and demolishing the school right after to hide the evidence is all the proof! But do look up what the FBI reported on it. No child died! Wake up, our government is criminal! https://www.facebook.com/moderncombatandsurvival/photos/a.175309485961785.1073741828.168457099980357/436331189859612/?type=1&theater


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  • dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery


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  • I don't know about Sandy Hook, but this Obamunist Ohministration reaches new depths of communist agit-prop, from the "gentle giant" lie, to the "hands up don't shoot" lie, to the trafficking of guns to mexican drug cartels and attempting to blame it on US gun owners.

    We defeated the Communists abroad, just to elect Demunist Commiecrats at home... :-(

    • Obama is not a communist. Obama is a socialist! 20 times worst than what a communist is!

    • Close enough. He was mentored by communists.

  • There's no such thing as a false sense of security. Either you feel safe or not. You are never truly safe from everything.

    If they can make us feel a little better by lying to us, then go ahead.

    • That is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. No such thing as a false sense of security? Umm yes there is. The police are a false sense of security! They don't protect you. They rob, kidnap, and murder for the prison industrial complex! That is a false sense of security!

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    • I did look it up.


      See that link under his picture?

    • SMH! There is no such things as presidents of state, and the so called presidents before George Washington had no authority under British Rule! You're to stupid to talk to! Instead if trying to educate you, you want to argue with me! I cannot stand kids like you who think they know it all and know nothing! You're just annoying and know nothing if anything you speak of! Good bye!

  • OK... time to take your meds!

    • Stay sheeple lunatic! Mr I need some one to protect me because I am a little sissy lala!

    • Take slow, deep breaths...