Are ghosts real? anyone had any experiences?

never have believed in ghosts or spirits but did a ouija board in my house and from then on weird things keep happening. For example, it like 4am i heard someone knocking on my bedroom door, i just presumed it was my dad who sleepwalks. i got up the next morining and told him he was sleep walking and what i'd heard and he said he heard it aswell. Also both my sister and my dad heard knocking on the window and a shadow pass but there was noone there. still dont think i believe in ghosts but starting to be a little convinced.


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  • I've always wanted to try to see if an ouija board would work but was always afraid of it.. Ghosts will not go to you if you do not disturb them, if you do, they will most likely be stuck with you. This is going to be long.

    I've seen one when I was a kid when I was getting ice cubes (I like to chew on them..) from the fridge. It was dark and I was short and didn't see top but I slammed the freezer door shut and went running out of the kitchen to my brothers playing computer games when I saw the usual white dress thing in the dark beside me. Scared the crap out of me.

    Another time, I was like 14, I can't confirm it but I was in a hotel in another city and the hotel was a dull, boring kind of hotel. My parents always book it because it's cheap and good but I've never really liked the place because of it's dullness. Once it was at night and I wanted to shower and when I went to the toilet I thought I saw this little girl by the door in the mirror. I closed the door, decided not to shower til I went home and went to my mum and slept. Thankfully we had to share a room..

    Before my house dog got kidnapped, sometimes he would just run to the stairs and bark for no reason. I think it's a well known fact that dogs and cats can see ghosts. He doesn't even do that if people actually do come up the stairs. I try not to think of it to prevent myself being scared of my own house stairs.

    There is this messed up game in Japan where you play hide and seek with yourself... well, actually, with a spirit in a doll you do some game procedure on. I've read creepy stories about it but I'm not sure if they're real or made up. But knowing Japan, it should be legit I guess.


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  • Nope, not real..
    Never has an Atheist been possessed...
    Never has someone that truly doesn't believe in ghosts been witness to one... Can't happen.

    • very true! do you think if someone believed in ghosts they could witness them? like theyre 'inviting them in'?

    • I think that if someone believes in a ghost, they will think typically dismissed or explainable incidents are a result of the ghost.

      That said, someone that believes in alien abductions will think that a lost hour was aliens at work when really, they were just napping or daydreaming and time kept ticking along.

  • Well, one night a few years ago, I was laying down on my bed trying to sleep... Before I could though, I heard a whisper, and my entire right arm jerked up, my shoulder hitting my ear. Nobody in sight. It was freaky. Still wish I remember what the voice said.

  • Yes i believe Ouija Boards can carry evil spirits
    people say they are nothing but a game but i got
    some ill feelings about them.. My late maternal grandma
    she wouldn't allow anyone in her house who used a
    Ouija Board and forget about talking to her about one
    she would give us deaf ear.. My late aunt had this
    friend who stayed with her brought back Chief Crazy Horse
    so yes i believe in Ghost.. My cousin went to the old
    West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville to
    take a tour she took pictures on her cell phone of
    these convicts that died in prison and their ghost
    you could see them and i had to ask her if they
    were real and she said, no them were the men's Ghost
    i wish i would of saved the pictures but she threw
    that phone out but yes i do believe in them things.

  • When I was a kid, living on a farm my parents owned, there was a story about a man who had been killed in the house a long time ago. We all thought it was BS but when we were renovating the upstairs we had some incidents that were never explained.

    I had a set of three shelves and had a collection of blown glass animals on the shelves. I had 50 or 60 of them. One day I was studying in my room and a glass dragon, one of the larger figures, shattered in the middle of my floor. The problem was that this figurine was at the back of all the others. How did it fall off the shelf, fly 8 feet and break in the middle of my floor? How did it do that without knocking over the 30 or so figurines in front of it? I was alone in the room and there were no jolts or loud sounds. Was odd.

    Another time my mother was angry because someone had taken all of her clothes and placed them in a pile on the floor. I was the only one home and she had dressed an hour before that and all was normal. No one else was in the house and I certainly didn't do it.

    There were other odd things like noises and moved objects. After about 6 months, it stopped and has never happened since.

  • I'll have to see and touch a ghost before I believe in ghosts.

    And, NO, this doesn't count:

  • MAYBE i had... hope it wasn't a ghost though :)

  • I had a few paranormal experiences. One was when I visited the UK in a museum

    please answer my question?


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  • Lots of experience. Demonic experience. Don't play with it.
    Demons don't need much invitation.. As you see, with the ouija board. :(

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