Career-wise, what gives you headaches?

A few friends and I were chatting about this and had trouble agreeing (the ladies insisted their problems were the biggest, lol--who knows, maybe they are :) ). Anyway, it had me curious and I thought I'd ask.

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  • Work/life balance
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  • Not making enough money
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  • Troublesome boss/manager/coworkers
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  • Uncertain which path to take
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  • Fear of public speaking
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just general uncertainty. College is over in a matter of days. I have a paid internship over the summer, but after that... I think I know which path to take, but I don't know how successful I'll be. Just have to try my best.

    • Oh, are you graduating this year? If so, congrats!

      What are you doing for your internship?

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    • Oh, I would say that currently, I'm really looking to completely change direction and am having a little difficulty in deciding where I really want to go.

      I've been teaching, but I've become disenchanted with it from top to bottom--I could write a book on it, but I'll spare you the complaining, lol, nothing productive comes from that anyway. I simply know I'm very capable and feel that I'm under-utilizing my talents.

      I've been studying entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, etc and am looking to start my own business--the sticking point is I'm not sure what sort of business I want to run yet, so I'm feeling a bit frustrated that I'm currently only gaining theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge. I've recently starting doing a lot of reflection, goal-writing, etc to help break the barrier.

    • Ah, well I've always admired teaching, sorry to hear it hasn't been as fulfilling as anticipated. That's great that you're looking to change gears, though. Looks like you have a big task ahead of you, but you do sound like a very capable person. I love that people can do that. Just pick up something new and make a success out of it. Takes a lot, but I think it's so important to enjoy what you do.

      Best of luck with everything. At least you have much of the mechanics down, and the drive, just need the inspiration. Hope you breach that barrier and come up with something innovative, that you're very passionate about. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • W/L balance, politics & gossip, deadlines and work pressures, people taking credit for others work, once something goes south everyone starts pointing fingers/blame game, oh yeah more politics!! lol

    I miss you college, take me back!!

    • Haha, I hear you, politics is easily my number one. My brother is actually dealing with a pretty hardcore mess at the moment, his office is so dysfunctional--absolutely no organization or accountability from management, it sounds like.

    • it's unbelievable, the blame game. i didn't sign up for this shit lol

    • Nothing breeds incompetence like lack of accountability. The blame game is such a nightmare, lol.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I feel like it's more difficult to actually get into the jobs for me (and probably many other women) than it is to perform the job well.

    • What do you think the reason is for the difficulties?

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    • If you've never been a woman in a male-dominated field (such as myself) I don't think that you're truly able to understand the discrimination I face. "Achieving" implies that I'm crap at my job - this isn't the case. I'm talking about my difficulty landing interviews with the same level of experience and a better resume than my (male) peers. There is no level of focus or commitment, as you so patronizingly said, that I can have to force companies into interviewing or hiring me.

      When faced with a choice between a male and female candidate with equal qualifications, managers often go with the male candidate. This has been shown statistically. The reason companies receive incentives to hire more women in STEM fields is because the proportion of women in those fields is still laughably low.

      I may not know exactly why I'm discriminated against as a woman who is an engineer, but I do know it's because I'm a woman. If I changed my name to something that sounded more masculine,

    • I'd get far more interview requests.

  • Not making enough money wins overall.

  • I don't really run into situations where I have to speak in public anymore, so Uncertain which path to take.

    • Yeah, I think a lot of people try to choose things where they don't have to talk in public, lol.

      What do you think you might want to do?

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    • You'll enjoy that, I think--being able to read music and play on the keyboard.

      It can be a little tedious at the beginning when learning to read, fair warning. My suggestion is when you start, use flashcard to remember notation items, and write them down daily, that way it eventually becomes automatic.

    • Yeah, I just hope I can stick to it, not a fan of tedious things haha, but a friend of my mom just gave us a keyboard so I though why not

  • Uncertainty...

  • not knowing when or if ill need to find another job and whether itll be in the same city or ill have to move home. my job type is like 2 companies per city and hundreds of people applying for each position


What Guys Said 4

  • I'd say work / life balance since I only work night shifts from 8 pm til 8 am. It's hard to adjust my routines on my day off to spend time with my friends and SO

    • Ouch, graveyard shift. Yeah, I can totally see the problems there.

      How have you been managing it?

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    • I should be paying them rent huh?

    • Haha, no, I think they're just cool folk who understand what you're going through.

  • As someone at the other end of spectrum work/life balance is by far the most important.

    • That's interesting. How do you find it different than from when you were younger?

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    • What ended up leading you to that realization?

    • Just looking back reflecting on how obsessed I used to be about silly things and not worried enough about the important things like family.

  • bosses i guess... ugh...

    • Oh, sorry to hear that. What's been going on?

    • i worked only once... boss was a fuckin retard... really

    • Haha, not everyone who is given authority is suited to using it.

      What are you doing now? Working for yourself?

  • People who have NO email skills... Writing AND reading.

    • Oh my god, I hear you on that. One of the things that drives me crazy is when people send short emails with no punctuation--seriously, an email is a letter to professional relationship, not a text to one of your buddies.

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    • Oh yeah. And some send you an email and come running to your desk to ask if I received their email.

      Hey bro.. Why are we giving each other high BP on GAG? Hahaha.

    • Probably not the healthiest thing to do, haha.