What is something stupid you'd done today that you both regret and don't regret all at once?

I ate a whole raw habanero pepper today (I know I'm idiot). I forgot I didn't eat since like yesterday afternoon and that combined with the pepper equals puke central. I had to be taken home by my friend Isaac because it. I regret nothing except for throwing up, and having to hear an ear full about how dumb that was from my boyfriend after I called him about it when I got home. The next time I eat one I'll make sure I've eaten and drank something prior to consuming it. Maybe then I won't puke. I'm hungry as shit now though.

I guess no one did anything weird or interesting that they regret and don't regret doing.
Come on people you had to have done something today. xD


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  • wifi wasn't working this morning... and i had a panic attack :(


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  • I drank to much water. I feel faint.

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