Any tips for a speech?

So I'm going for Head Girl and I've been shortlisted but I'm not that popular compared to the other girls and I really want the role... So any tips on making my speech orignial? Any funny comments I can make? I want mine to be amazing and memeorable so they'll want to give me the part... Any ideas? Amazing beginning? Anything?


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  • It should be short and to the point. Nothing too awkward. Maybe a genuine smile and a good introduction. That's all.


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  • Be comfortable with yourself- people feed off the energy you give them (make sure they're getting positive energy!:)

    Avoid talking in circles- Do not go back to early topics to review.

    Feel out the crowd- maybe drop a joke with a great punch line (you may decide to take a few things out of your speech and/or add some things based on their reactions to the joke)

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