Why do they name certain foods that have a name of a place before the name of the food or after the name?

For example French Fries, Texas, Toast, Phillidapheia cheese steak, etc.
So I don't get why they would name a food after a place if that's not where its actually from. Why is it called French Fries if the french didn't come up with it and wasn't orginated from there


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  • Apparently they're called French fries because the potatoes are 'julienned' (sliced into thin strips) before frying them, which is a French method of cutting. But they come from Belgium.


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  • Because in most cases its where they originated for example Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo, New York. Some could be named for the person that invented them. I don't know if French Fries were from France or it it was someone named French

  • french fries = belgian bro :-p

  • To indicate a local variety of a food that's common around the world, basically.

  • Italian sausage
    Maine lobster
    Florida oranges
    Georgia peach

    • Sorry, I hit enter... Wasn't done...
      Maine caught in Maine
      Same with fl oranges and GA peaches
      Italian sausage is because of the seasoning... Traditional herbs used in many Italian dishes

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    • Maybe they were making a jab at the French "small potatoes" ... Small potatoes = no big deal... Lmao!
      No idea
      Likely something to do with deep frying..

    • that's confusing what about Texas Toast? lol