Does this sound good?

So this is my speech for Head Girl... Thoughts? Would yo give me the role? Anything I could add in? Take out? What would you think of me from the speech?

I'm Sophie and I believe I should be Head Girl because I love learning and have a genuine thirst for knowledge. In all honesty, I would have never imagined myself standing here now telling you about why I am a sustiable candidate for Head Girl.
But the truth is, I used to be that girl who sat in the back of the classroom, afraid to put her hand up but now I'm stood here, because this school has made me confident and I'm proud to be a part of this school and I want others to share this pride.
I used to be in set 5 but now I'm in set 1 due to my enthusisasium and determination to succeed. I've been in countless school musicals, concerts. I've been a memmber of school parliment, I'm currently a librairian, I'm gifted and talented in some of my subjects and have published my novel online as well as had some of my poems published in some anthologies and participated in all areas of school life.
If I was Head Girl, I'd listen to you, I'd care and I'd help. I can connect with all year groups. I understand what it's like to struggle in a certain subject- I know because I've been there. But I want to help others to understand that if you truly put the effort in, it will pay off and you will succeed.
I know I'm short but I'm not short of ideas! (Haha)
I'm ready to take on this pivitol role and new task, I just want the oppotunity to show it.
Thank you

Thoughts on my Head Girl speech? I'm not the most popular girl going for it so I want my speech to be unique... Would you give me the role? What would you think of me from my Head Girl speech?


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  • I would expand on the inclusive part of your speech about how you will try to connect and include everyone in your year in essence give them a voice.


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