80s music poll: Favorite album by Tears For Fears / Talk Talk?

Oh well those 2 bands were kinda similar.. at least in their debut albums, with their mellow synth-pop music. Later TFF became a stadium rock band with their album “Songs From The Big Chair” and Talk Talk were branded as “post-rock” in da late 80s.

Personally I prefer their debut albums, especially “The Hurting”…songs like “Mad World” “Change” and “Pale Shelter” r classics!!! :D

  • The Hurting (Tears For Fears)
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  • Songs From The Big Chair (Tears For Fears)
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  • The Seeds Of Love (Tears For Fears)
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  • The Party’s Over (Talk Talk)
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  • It’s My Life (Talk Talk)
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  • The Color Of Spring (Talk Talk)
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  • Spirit Of Eden (Talk Talk)
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  • Hahaha... How funny. I was listening to Songs from the Big Chair CD just yesterday. My favorite from the list.

    • "broken" was my fav :D

    • Thank you @Klaatu51. After all, this is our favorite topic !! :) better than boobs and butts hahaha.

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  • TFF are awesome but i like DuranDuran more for some reason

    • nice!!!

      fav album by DD?

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    • Yes @DannyBassman93. I do have that album. I also followed The Power Station in those years.

    • @ashbrown "the promise" was my fav :D