Alright can you list some punk rock band that are fun but that deal with depression? either old stuff or new?

Kinda of like poking fun at death but not serious..! I just want update my playlist.


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  • -We Are Broken - Paramore
    -Therapy - All Time Low
    -Anywhere But Here - Mayday Parade
    -So Far Away - Mayday Parade
    -Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade
    -Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade
    -7 Minutes in Heaven - Fall Out Boy
    -I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) - Fall Out Boy
    -Golden - Fall Out Boy
    -When It Rains - Paramore
    -Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore
    -Daisy - Brand New
    -The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
    -Turn It Off - Paramore
    -Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
    -Part 2 - Paramore
    -Last Hope - Paramore
    -Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
    -In the Mourning - Paramore

    A lot of these don't straight-out say that they're about depression, but I think that's what they're getting at.

    Maybe "Jesus Christ" by Brand New too? It's not really about depression, but it just sounds really sad.
    "Terrible Things" by Mayday Parade is sad too. :(

    Not sure if it counts, but maybe All Time Low's "Come One, Come All" would work too?

    And I'm not sure if "Angels on the Moon" by Thriving Ivory is considered punk, but it's great, and has always been a favorite! (It's older).

    Hope you like some of these. Most of them are old and you may have already heard them!


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  • Green Day. I think they do some of that.

  • The Cure? ... not really punk, but yeah.


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  • real friends
    brand new
    the story so far,,,,
    not really about death but its sad sometimes. haha

  • How about All time low?