Do you think being a man is anything special at all?

As a man, I honestly don't see what's so socially special about being a man. When I think of men, I think of self-righteous douchebags who like to bully other men who they consider "beta males" thinking they're the shit and can get women this way. I also don't understand how most women, especially American women believe that being a man is anything special. I'm in no way saying being a woman is any better either but I just think taking pride of your gender is fucking retarded. It serves no purpose but annoying the hell out of certain people who are stressed out enough already from gender roles.

Call me a "real man", "beta male" or whatever the fuck you want, all I am is just a human male trying to live his live peacefully however the fuck he wants and not let retarded men and retarded women ruin it.

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  • It can be special, yeah, but it's certainly no more or less special than being a woman is.

    When people use the term "beta male" in a serious manner, it automatically signals to me that I'm not gonna care much about what they think. About anything. LOL


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  • I think it's important to be masculine but being too masculine is sometimes really dumb. Just like being too feminine for girls is sometimes dumb too.

    • It's not to say that having masculinity is bad. I just think it's stupid to take pride in one's gender and go overboard with it. I am a man who still has masculinity. However, I'll never judge other men who aren't masculine nor follow the gender roles (such as holding a door strictly for women only or trying to be knight and shining armor for a lady) because it's none of my business.

  • Being a man rocks!!!

  • if you dont see whats special about being a man you aren't living life my friend.

    • Please enlighten me about what's so special about being a man. We constantly get ridiculed by society if we're rape and domestic violence victims or that we have to deal with far more responsibilities than women.

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    • true but such is life just do you and dont worry about them

    • I just hope the justice system changes soon. If it does, then maybe I'll reconsider my opinion on this topic we're discussing right now.

  • Nope and y'all don't allow it to be that way, since y'all continue to treat these girls as if they were gods gift to earth.

    • I sure as hell don't. I treat women by how they treat me.