Micro-managing boss who keeps checking up on me. Sign of attraction?

I know the title makes me sound like a douche, but hear me out. At first my boss was always micro-managing, and constantly popping her head in the office and looking at me, knew exactly what days I was working, though I have an open schedule... and I found the constant attention a little insulting.

But lately she's been flirting a lot, dressing nicer, and is often giving me prolonged gazes, saying it brightens her mood when she sees me. The whole annoying micro-managing thing that was going on art first, was that cause she was into me?


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  • Difficult to say but if you are thinking of acting on this, be prepared to look for another job. These situations seldom go well.

    • Agreed. As a general rule, don't try to date a coworker. The risk/reward ratio in a situation like that just isn't worth it.

    • ... done, someone offered me a job that pays over twice as much.

  • Yes it is so call the cops now.

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