How do people die in their sleep?

I dreamt I was talking to a this guy, I've seen him around. In my dream he was telling me and this other girl that guys just want to get us naked and have sex or something along those lines then he started telling me that guys don't even find girls sexy in underwear and they hate it when our hands are cold during sex as he said these things he started kissing my neck and it felt good like it was real and as I allowed it I fell deeper into my sleep like I was almost losing consciousness, if I've never had sex and no one has ever told me these thing why did this guy in my dream say them? Do you think if I didn't try waking up, I would have died in my sleep?


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  • Usually from heart murmur or heart attack during a sleep. A nightmare so frightening and unable to wake up from it that it causes your heart to suddenly cause an attack.

    • Omdz! I get anxiety dreams like this!!! I'm sure that would only be if you had a weak heart.

    • OK I see. My dream wasn't frightening, just made me fall deeper into sleep as if I would never wake up.

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  • Sleep apnea is a big one along side with heart problems

    • What? I'm going to die in my sleep?

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    • Nope no heart problem.

    • I honestly don't think there's anything to worry about. But if you're concerned talk to a doctor anyway. Or research it. If you talk to a friend they may have experienced similar.

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  • That may have been an anxiety dream. If you have been stressing a lot recently you can get dreams where it feels so real and you physically can't move even though you know you're awake. You wouldn't have died. All I know is that people who have fits at night can choke on their tongue and die. My brother did it. Tho he had health problems. i never met him. So I wouldn't worry.

    • Ow I'm sorry about your brother. Thanks that makes me feel a lot better, I fear death.

  • The only way a person could die in their sleep is if they had an underlying health problem they were unaware of, and their heart stopped. Or if they went if they went into a drug induced sleep , due to mixing certain drugs or overdosing. Their breathing would become shallow , their heart would slow down, until it eventually just stopped