A challenge to the poets and writers of Girls ask Guys?

A challenge to the poets and writers of Girls ask Guys, write a shakespearean esque poem or sonnet, etc and post it make to use words in their archaic form if possible
, to be fair I will add my own as well.

In the beginning it was lovely, it was a time when nothing mattered except thee, a time when nothing could hath
come betwixt us a time of such bliss, love, serenity

Beautiful memories of a simpler time when thy love was like a summers warmth,
thy smile like the first days of spring, and thy eyes like winters breath for thou took away mine

Two hearts, two souls intertwied, we thought the love betwixt us was strong, so strong that even death
would not tear us apart. . . . We were wrong, deaths ethereal hand came

One fell, one faded, into memory. . . . Into eternity

And now here I lay a broken mind, a torn heart a shattered soul

For In the end quid me nutrit me destruit for quos amor verus tenuit tenebit

( quid me nutrit me destruit for quos amor verus tenuit tenebit ) is Latin and translated, it means

What nourshes me also destroys me for true love will hold on to those whom it has held

I also invite some of our resident Girls ask Guys members who are poets to give this challenge a try if they'd like.



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  • ehh i can't, not feeling it atm. sorry!

  • I'm not good at writing on demand :/

    Also not exactly Shakespearean in style

    • Lol never said you had to write it the moment you saw the question haha.

  • I actually prefer XIXth century poetry... Does it have to be shakespearean?


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  • Roses are red
    I have a phone
    Nobody texts me
    Forever alone

    -single guys everywhere.

  • But soft what light through yonder window breaks?
    It is the east and @jxpxtxr is the sun.
    She speaks! Oh speak again sweet angel
    for thy radiance is like the new warming day.

    @jxpxtxr it's just for a poem hope you don't mind ^_^

  • Sure, in a ninja's world, those who violate the rules and fail to follow orders... are lower than garbage. However... those who do not care for and support their fellows... are even lower than that!" - Obito Uchiha

    • And Kakashi Hatake

      Lol mistninja is that?

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    • Uh yeah you could say that O @mistninj314

      Kakashi and Itachi are my favorite characters.

    • I finished the series it ended so-so in my opinion but naruto is a hard serires to end anyway so I think the author did alright. I liked Obito and Nagato