I have generally noticed this?

So I have generally noticed this after having talked to quite a lot of girls, the one's who look kinda average or a little above they are like "my dream guy should have 6 pack abs, 6' tall and earn a 6 digit salary" while the ones who are gorgeous are usually less superficial, why is this so? Even in my college i have noticed this, most of the the tall and good looking guys go out with normal looking girls while good looking girls go out with normal looking men, i am talking in the convential sense, but in the end beauty is indeed in the yes of the beholder, still


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  • Most of the good-looking guys I know are after beauty and s*x, while the average-looking and generally less attractive guys are genuine sweethearts who absolutely adore me for who I am. I have no idea why that is, maybe it's because the good-looking guys are used to having it easy and knowing they can easily find someone else :P

    But of course, between the two I'd choose the less-attractive guy who treats me right.

    No offense guys, I know all guys are different, this is just based off of my own personal experiences with the guys I've met so far.

    • yup u most certainly are in the gorgeous category and this proves my point

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    • sorry sarcasm is kind of hard to read over the internet :P

    • i suck at it even worse in real :(

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  • "but in the end beauty is indeed in the yes of the beholder, still"anon 18-24

    It's all about the connection!!!

    • yeah thats for the relationship but even at plain fantasizing the gorgeous girls seem to care less about how handsome their partner should be

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    • i am 5'11'' just an inch shy of 6' i guess above average anywhere and nice height in my country

    • Awesome hieght👍

  • i see where ur coming from but there are still exceptions to this as well. u did say generally though.

    • yeah of course generally, like 70% times i guess

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