Trying to get waves and I can't, can someone give advice?

So if you don't know what waves are anyway, please don't even bother coming to ask cause chances are you won't know how to help. Just asking cause I want advice from people who do have waves in their hair or had them.

Now I just need help with it. I love the design but can't seem to get my hair to do it. I tried brushing it and they showed when I cut my hair low, but can't seem to get them back. I brushed it a lot, ocd basically, and wore a durag but stopped the day before cause I wasn't seeing results, after a month. Once I cut it then they were there! Until I washed it. Then they were gone and its been impossible to get them since then.

I am black. I have super nappy hair, that I do control mosty, so is that why? I brush it daily really because it looks better that way and when its long enough to pick it, I cut it. Is my hairtype why? I brush with cqp brushes, I use both the synthetic ones as well as another type of brush thats smaller and for on the go. I tried youtube, the official website, my cousins suggestions, but nothing seems to be working. Or am I being impatient? How long do they generally take to come?

My hair doesn't grow fast by the way. I use coconut oil every 2-3 days, cause then its dry and needs to be moisturized. Because of that, I also wash it every 2-3 days, otherwise it dries out real fast. I oil right out the shower with a certain Shea Butter leave-in conditioner and brush with a softer boar bristle brush cause it doesn't hurt that way and gets the job done. I'm about to cut my hair down to an eigth an in. again, cause it grows back crazy fast in a week, so any advice at that point?

I did hear you can just cut it that way but that is cheating it. So any help?


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  • Maybe try a harder brush. What direction do you brush it in?

    • Forward in the front, down in the back, and down the sides like they would grow when I had longer hair.

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    • Thanks. Any progress?

    • I cut my hair recently and its showing.

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  • Just wash it good! And comb it, comb it and comb it! And wear a du-rag I use to date a black guy and this is how he would get his waves


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