Please help! I'm torn between this job, what would you do?

I recently got hired working for the state. The pay, and the benefits that come with it is great. The bad part is I am in school and this job will not work around my school schedule, unlike the job I have now. The job I have now will give me time off, if needed. To be honest, the job I have now is very flexible. The only problem is the pay rate.
This new job, their schedule isn't consistent. You don't have a set day nor shift so even if I wanted to work my school schedule around my job, I can't because nothing is set. I'm struggling at the moment so the pay rate is the only thing making me want to say YES but other than that I'm not sure. My fiancé has been away for sometime and he's going to be coming home soon. I have been planning this very romantic vacation for us but now with this new job, I'm not sure if that's gonna happen.


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  • You need to be more clear. "recently got hired working for the state", "the job I have now", "this new job". Is this a second job or a new job you are accepting? It's a little unclear if you are accepting two jobs at the same time or if you are leaving one or what. For what it's worth, government jobs can be furloughed (laid off). If the pay and benefits are great (with the state job), why not just quit school? You don't have to go to school necessarily if you have a great job with great pay and benefits. Only go part time or take online courses and take your time.

    • "I recently got hired" this is the new job that I have not started working at yet. "The job I have now" the job I'm actually working at the moment.

      And with school, I'm actually taking out loans so I have to go full time because they won't pay for part time. The school I go to at the moment doesn't have online courses for my program. The state job is great in all but not exactly what I wanted my career to be so doing this forever isn't what I want.

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    • They do have online courses just not for my particular program. And I've been transferring a lot and this school I really like so that's why finding another school is not really an option.

    • What exactly do you like about this school? I'm just trying to save you from the pain of going into loan slavery, because that's where you will be until it's all paid off.

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  • if job's more important than yer fiancee... better focus on it :)


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  • Education comes first! Focus on getting school work done. Maybe try to find another flexible job with good pay.

    • All the jobs that I applied to that does actually have great pay, still doesn't compare to the state job.