Guys and Girls, What Is this Poem About? I'm confused?

Kill my soul
Poison it with your grief

Never tell me what you really want
Always leave me hanging

My life is not worth your gold
Your heart is a black diamond

See the stars in the sky
I had lost my faith

You bring me back from the edge
And always leave me hanging at the end

I weep for what could never be
And dream of you; the real you

The flames of your anger burn me
Always find their way inside

Desperately want to be free of your hold
It's killing me, can't you see that?

Yet you hold me and never let go
From the cages of your arms

The river of Life is screaming for Death
Because Death is Eternity

In Eternity, I'm lost
Fallen from Heaven into your Hell

Cut my wings
Drink the poison from my throat

Free me of Myself, of You
Of Life, Of Death, Of Hell, Of Heaven.


Most Helpful Guy

  • kinda depressing :S

    • But what is it about? Do you get it?

    • basically it's not a poem... coz it doesn't rhyme :)

    • Not every poem rhymes..

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What Guys Said 3

  • I got a feeling that a person (let's say woman) after experiencing some relationships with man, can't forget him, nor he let her forget him. And so she is in this "hanging" position, can't move on in life.

    • Hmm.. Maybe that's what it is about.. maybe

  • Poisonous love. It's the stuff I used to love, as another version of myself. Now I don't really anymore, but I can sympathize cause I've been there.

  • Yeah the story of my life. I would say it's about all the relationships of my life maybe for a lot of people even. For some reason it never ever ends well.

    • I don't get it.. What is the poet talking about?

    • Well for me it's about not wanting to be in a relationship but not being able to escape it because deep down you love the person but it's probably better for both parties to move on.

      You don't want to give up on live because tour love is to strong and you thing you can make it through anything but you are just stupid and you chase your bliss not even knowing it's killing you or stagnating your life.

      In the end love can fuck you over if you let it.

What Girls Said 2

  • A sad love story of some sort. It sounds like the person is suffering from the relationship but finds him/herself not able to leave, but I'm not sure.

  • Broken heart