How to answer these questions in a job interview?

How would you guys/girls answer these following questions during a interview?

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Why do you want to work here?
3. Why should we hire you?
4. What are you most afrid of?

Please answer these questions as if you were being asked and really wanted this job.

Please answer the questions in your opinion!


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  • 1. I have my AA degree, and am currently working on a double Bachelors in Managerial Accounting and Law Enforcement. I am currently employed at _____ Accounting Firm, working as a bookkeeper. I have been working there for 1.5 years and am fully trained to use Intuit Quickbooks, and most other tax software.

    2. (This is making the assumption I am applying for a job in Forensic Accounting) I have always wanted to be a police officer as a kid, and my mother is a CPA with her Doctorate in Tax Code Law, so I would work with her during my summers throughout highschool. Naturally, the two melded together, and my interest in law enforcement was backed with a specialized skillset that could not only have me working in the field, but still able to use my mind for my job. One of the things about myself that I have always found frustrating in previous jobs is that I like to have a balance between difficult physical work and difficult mental work. Growing up, my parents had me doing everything in between the two, from basic carpentry, being completely labor based, to my current employment as a bookkeeper, which is completely intellectually based. Since I find that I enjoy both, it occurred to me that being a specialist in the police force would be a perfect fit, matching the level of excitement I want, with something that would still require brainpower to achieve.

    3. (Making the assumption that I am applying after I complete my degrees) In terms of training, I am fully range certified with both handguns and longguns, and am in good physical condition. I am also fully trained to use the software that most police agencies employ within the Forensic Accounting division.

    4. Being useless. I have no wish to contribute less than I take from society.


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  • 1. I would say "What do you want to know?"

    2. That ultimately depends on the job I am applying for but is extremely easy to explain. I always know why I want to do something.

    3. That also is easy to explain and dependent on the particular job.

    4. I don't know death... There's no armed combat required is there? :D

  • How can we possibly answer those questions when we don't know what the job is or with what employer?

  • 2 and 3 are impossible to answer without knowing the company and the job.

    • In a retail store like clothing

    • Need to know the EXACT company because different companies have different corporate personalities. Questions 2 and 3 are important because they show if you've done research about the company and the job. An ill-informed candidate who gives vague answers to those questions won't get hired.

    • American Eagle lets say that

  • 1. That's a dumb question. Are you taking this interview seriously?
    2. -answer it-
    3. -answer it-
    4. Stupid interviews.

    • Yes, I actually am. I just want to know what other people say.. Sorry if it seemed dumb to you

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    • LOL, ok then you might not be serious

    • I've been on lots of interviews. The worst were ones with generic questions. Those people were noobs or low level minions doing a screening. Insulting.

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  • So far I've only ever been asked the first question out of that group. Luckily my interviewers so have come up with more creative questions that don't feel so mindless to answer.

    The best you can do is answer honestly! I'm assuming because you applied to the job and got as far as the interview... you really want it! So, show them that. The interview is your time to shine, I know it's a stressful process but you can't let that get to you, again just be honest, and make your answers relevant. When they ask about you, there's plenty you could say, I'm sure you could write a book about yourself if you had to, but try to tie in the things you say with the job you're applying for.

    • Omg, you are the only one that seems to understand so far! :P I feel so happy now

    • :) You can also throw some of those questions right back at your interviewer! (although it's good to have others prepared as well)

  • Yes, can only agree, be honoust. Nothing more a nightmare than a job that is not made for you.

  • just be HONEST!