If you use a time machine once?

You can only stay there for one day.
You have one round trip.
You don't know it yet but you're time machine magically dissappears once you get back.
You can go to any place at any time, past or future.
Must be at least 50 years from this year, before 1965 or after 2065. Sorry @Klaatu51 but it can't be the 80s.
You cannot change anything, or even talk to anyone.
You can only watch.
The place must be on earth
Don't get technical and say that you want to go between two years (like 1000 and 1001) or get techincal and say before the earth formed or after its gone... however it goes.
Yes, the place you go to 50 years ago or more can be a time and place you were there provided you're over 50.
Yes, the place you go to 50 years from now can be a place you will be provided you're under 60.
What time period would you go to? Say your exact answer in the comments.

  • time the dinosaurs lived or earlier
    Vote A
  • after the dinosaurs to the end of B. C.
    Vote B
  • between years 1 and 1000
    Vote C
  • between years 1001 and 1965
    Vote D
  • between years 2065 and 3500
    Vote E
  • between years 3500 and 6000
    Vote F
  • after year 6000
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What Girls Said 2

  • Ugh, I can just tell the future will be horrible... I wanna go back all the way when the earth formed. I want to see the first forms of life and all of that. It seems so fascinating to me.

  • #jesusfreak so def early A. D.


What Guys Said 6

  • I'd go back to where I was first introduced to the time machine so I can 1. tell them it works and 2. go again

  • If I can't change anything... then I choose - the time of Dinosaurs ;)

  • 2065 then


  • Too many rules I'll just stay where I am

    • cool... just getting the loopholes... try to get all of them cuz I'm one of the people that looks for them ;)

  • Can I come home?

  • If it's for a day.. after 6000 years..