What would you do?

This is a hypothetical question, not actually murdering. Lets say you get thrown in a scenario with you and your closest family member or SO or best friend. You are both kidnapped (or adultnapped...) and they sort of let you, but only you, free. You have a gun, but only one bullet. There are two people that kidnapped you. If you shoot one of them, the other kidnapper will ask you if you want to get killed, or you get killed (the kidnapper has a gun). If you say that you will live, your friend/SO/relative dies and you get to live but will still be kidnapped. However, you will get good food, drinks, and almost anything else. If you shoot your friend/SO/relative, you don't know it yet but you find some way to escape unharmed (physically ofc) and the kidnappers get arrested. If you shoot yourself, your friend/SO/relative doesn't know it yet but they figure out a way to escape unharmed and the kidnappers get arrested. If you don't shoot anyone, you both live with the kidnappers forever in a bad life, but you don't get tortured. This is a scenario where the authorities never find you. Neither the kidnappers, nor you have your phones, or any other means of communication. If you or your friend/SO/relative try to play hero and get both of you out of captivity, the kidnappers kill both of you, but they get caught later and arrested. What would you do?

  • Kill one kidnapper and have the other one kill you
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  • Kill one kidnapper and have the other one kill your friend
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  • Kill yourself and your friend is free unharmed and kidnappers are arrested (and later killed)
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  • Kill your friend and you are free unharmed and kidnappers are arrested (and later killed)
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  • Both of you live in captivity forever
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  • Everyone dies
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  • Other... not sure what other options there are, but just in case
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  • Everyone dies lol.


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What Girls Said 2

  • do both kidnappers have guns? and how many bullets in their gun (s)?

    • you don't know if they have guns when you shoot one of them. You only know after you shoot one of them. Yes, they both have guns, and enough bullets to shoot both of you multiple times.

  • I would try to find a way for us to both escape unharmed

    • If you do that, you both get killed. However the kidnappers get arrested and killed after you both are murdered.

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    • There is still a probability that the two people could escape unarmed. The kidnappers aren't omnipresent.

    • I'm saying a scenario where these are the only possibilities. Now obviously what everyone wants is the kidnappers get arrested and both of you escape unharmed. But I'm saying a scenario where that does not happen.

What Guys Said 3

  • Well, considering it's a highly hypothetical scenario... I'd kill myself. I don't want to sound depressive here but I believe suicide is really not that big of a deal for the person who is actually committing it. Shooting yourself doesn't cause a lot of pain and your dead very fast. And since I am convinced that there is no afterlife, I also don't get into any troubles there. It's just like falling asleep and being passed out. If my SO died on the other hand, I wouldn't want to live anymore anyways. She's kind of the only thing that makes my life truly worth living.

  • i'd kil em all... mwwhahhaha 8)

  • I'd probably try to shoot both kidnappers with one shot. If it didn't work, I'd say everyone dies.

    • lulz i highly doubt u could do that... you would have to be:
      skillful at shooting
      get very very lucky with where the kidnappers stand

    • Hey, I am a very lucky man though :) I can pull of anything that I set my mind to.

    • that's what they all say... lulz