I was thinking of buying an army bag and putting bricks in it and going runs because I want to join the army is this a good idea?

I was thinking about buying a heavy army bag and going out for runs with it and putting bricks in it to make it heavier is this a good idea?


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  • I wouldn't advise that.
    Do normal cardio. Run your miles and such. Then build up the rest of your body in the weight room.
    Going for runs with extra weight can't be good on your knees or back.

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    • It's not a bad idea to fill a bag with bricks or weights about the same as your army training will be and do it maby once or twice before you join. But it's a very bad idea to train like this regularly. Get your self in condition with weight training and heavy cardio then do the weighted walk to confirm you have the endurance and strength to handle it. Also running with a heavily weighted bag? You insane lol walk long distances not run.

    • Thanks anyway :)

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  • you're probably gonna want to gradually add in bricks over time, but yeah sounds like a workout

  • it's a good idea!


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