Teen summer bucket list?

So I'm trying to come up with a list of things to do before the end of summer, this is was I have to far:
-Play poker
-Go to a concert
-Set off Fireworks
-Stargaze with someone I like
-Take a picture every day
-crayon art
-Learn how to skateboard/pennyboard
-Midnight Movie Premiere/First showing
-Find a summer Job
-collect a jar of seashells
-Take Photo Booth pictures with a guy I like
-Get henna
-Sneak out
-Get a second piercing
-Get drunk
-Play spin the bottle
-Perform in a park/mall
-Keep a diary
-Stop saying NO to adventures
-Stay awake and watch a sunrise and sunset
-Take a make-up class
-Whenever you go to eat ice-cream ALWAYS pick a flavor you’ve never tried
-Sleep under the stars
-Become fluent in Spanish
-Play Snapchat hide and seek at the mall
-Swim with the dolphins

P. S. I have done some of these before but I want to do them this summer

I need some more ideas :(


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  • Well for mine i did the following:

    Open for RHCP in concert
    Play at the EDC (ElectricDaisyCarnival)
    Play at the Heineken Jazz Fest
    Scuba Dive and swim with Turtles
    Go Cave Diving with Bats
    Comic Con (x3)
    Get a 6Pack
    Join the AirForce
    Start Muay Thai/Capoeira
    Get learners and drivers licence
    Run 1 mile in 7-8min/ 1.5miles in 9-10min
    5K in less than 24min
    Learn Japanese
    Create my own How To Play Bass Website which gets users from around the world
    Go to the Bacardi Tour
    etc etc


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  • too much basically... no?

  • Sounds fun! But I'm curious... What is Snapchat hide and seek?

    • Basically you and a friend (teams if you like) split up and one team are the hiders and the other is the seekers. So the hiders take a clue picture of where they are and send it to the other person on snapchat. The other team has to find them, and its up to you if the hiders can move or not! The when the hiders are found the roles are reversed.

  • I can almost guarantee you that you will complete about 1/5 of those things.

  • remove the get drunk and the spinning bottle stuff though. cause it will become slut's cum bucket list... .

    • how is getting drunk slutty? I'm a straight girl and was gonna get drunk with other straight girls. Also, spin the bottle is just kissing.

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    • well getting drunk can lead to regrttable decisions plus it destroys your liver... .

    • honestly I am the type of person who is always playing it safe and not taking any risks, for once I just didn't want to be that person

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  • Have a bonfire
    Go on a trip
    Hang out the sunroof or the window while riding in the car (best keep this to residential roads)
    Volunteer somewhere
    Take lots of pictures

  • pretty cool! sounds like a lot of fun. a few more things you could add is
    -draw a picture everyday
    -learn how to cook/bake your favorite dish
    -go camping
    -sleep on a trampoline
    -sunrise/sunset on the beach
    -go hiking/walking on trails with friends

  • Get high and go on an adventure
    Take magic truffles and try challenges like 'draw what comes to mind'
    Stay awake for 48 hours
    Fuck on a trampoline
    Watergun fight
    Picnic at the park (munchies)
    Buy a new game, Call of Duty advanced warfare or Battlefield hardline, forexample
    Make a gravity bong