Tips on what to do at a job interview and how to write a resume and how to find a job and what are good jobs that dont require a college degree?

okay so as off today i am unemployed i quit my job yesterday because i wasn't making enough money and i felt like i needed to provide more for my fiancee. now i have some inheritance money which i used to get my aprarment and i use it to help pay bills and i and i am going to use it to help fund my wedding day and open up my bar. now my goal is to open up a bar i already have the location picked out and everything i just need to pay the money and i can have the bar running by this September. however opening up this bar would make me have to ask for money from my fiancee and my family and i will most likely need a bank loan so i am under a lot of stress on wheather to open up the bar or not and if the bar is succesful i can easily pay back my fiancee and my family and the bank however if its not succesful and there is a 75% chance it won't be me and my fiancee will be in so much debt and we will have no money for our wedding now i am looking for other jobs but the problem is i dont have a college degree and no college experience so finding a good paying job is impossible to find now i worked for four years aftet college and made a lot of good money there however my dad got me the job so i didn't have to interview and my second job working at the comic book store i didn't have to interview for it since i knew the owner so i dont know how to do an interview and i dont know how to write a resume my fiancee has agreed to help me write a resume and do a job interview and we are speaking to an employment agency soon that helps people with autism find and keep jobs. i also have a job interview this Tuesday. the jobs i am looking at doing that dont require a college degree our receptionist, personal trainer, bartender, car salesman, teachers assaint and real estatate agent now i am very stressed about all of this and dont know what to do wheather i should start the bar or wheather i should look for another job i am
very stressed right now and need help on what to do


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  • Regarding interviewing, ask and network and find people who hire in the type of business you're looking at and ask them if they'd be willing to do a practice interview or two with you, and film it and give you advice after. I think you'll find a lot of people are actually quite willing to help out those trying to actively find work.

    Regarding what sort of job, several of those you mentioned are sales-focused. How are you at sales? If you're good, they are far more lucrative than the rest, but if you can't sell, they pay nothing.

    • Employers usually spend up to 10 seconds scanning each resume. So it should be catchy and brief at the same time. if you are not sure you'll deal with that for 100% it's better to ask specialists to help you with it. Supreme essay guys can help you. Good luck!

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  • Hard interview questions you need to practice answering:
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • What are your three greatest weaknesses?
    • What would your biggest critic say about you?
    • Tell me a time you had to deal with a problematic co-worker?
    • Why should we hire you?
    How to write a resume:
    • Use only bullet points under each title/subject
    • Provide your accomplishments for each bullet point
    • Keep it to one page if possible
    • Provide a custom cover page that shows what employer wants in bullet points on the left side and your qualifications on the right side with a line separating the two.
    Use internet for more information

  • hmmm without college degree might b difficult... unless u can tolerate mcdonald's or sth similar :)