I thought this would make for an interesting discussion. Warning, the footage may disturb some people however, Its nothing too offensive or gruesome?


I just read this news story that appeared in my news feed on yahoo. It concerns a little girl who got knocked down by a cyclist on the foot path outside their house.

I always read the comments as they can be quite amusing at times. In this case it seems the majority of people belive the cyclist is in the wrong. I won't share my feelings on the subject just yet though, i'll add that later.

Lets play a little game and see if you can guess which comment is mine.

In all seriousness though, thank god the little girl is ok, and has no lasting injuries.

  • its no ones fault. pure accident.
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  • The cyclist is in the wrong
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  • the parents are to blame. they should have been watching the child.
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  • both the cyclist and the parents are to blame.
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This is interesting. the majority of people instantly see the cyclist as in the wrong, without even questioning the parents.

My answer is that both parties are to blame

the cyclist had no way of knowing a child would run out in front of him, but he shouldn't have been on the path. However, there's a very busy road there, and the garden has no front gate. what if the child ran into the road and was hit by a car? the parents should have been watching the kid.


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  • the cyclist is in the wrong, he shouldn't have been on the pavement at all and he was going too fast. i get that he didn't see her as he was pedalling close to the wall to avoid the mother and as soon as she stepped out it was too late but i lost any sliver of sympathy for him getting all the abuse and blame when i read he didn't stop and tried to get away instead of seeing if the kid was ok

    • I agree, but should the parents have let their child run freely into what is clearly a busy road? there is no garden gate so surely the parents should have been paying more attention?

      It could have been much worse. the child could have run into the road. Is this not a case of both parties are at fault?

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    • yes, there are a lot what if's. and that my point. I personally dont see it entirely as the cyclists fault, yet thats how many (the media in particular) portray it. Here in the UK cycling on the path is illegal, but its not enforced so you can't blame him for doing so. (riding off after the accident is a dick move though)

      the thing is though, he would have seen an adult as they are taller than the garden wall. he had no idea there was a child there, and it happened so fast there's no way he could have stopped.

      Again, im not protecting him, im just seeing the video for what it is

    • really? its enforced where i live (midlands, uk) if you are caught you get heavy fines and you get into trouble with the police

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  • Are you allowed to ride on the side walk there? for us it is not allowed, they stay on the road even with not bike path. If it is allowed though and he had not just kept going, I would say it is the parents fault, but he kept going so thats not cool...

    • it is illegal to ride on the paths, but its never enforced.

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    • I do have kids. 2 of them around the age of the toddler in question.

      This is why i thought it would make for an interesting discussion. People instantly demonize the cyclist without questioning the parents. However, both parties are to blame.

      Why didn't the mother shut the door? Why no front gate to stop the child running into the street? Again, yes the cyclist is in the wrong, but so are the parents for the reasons mentioned above.

      When you live that close to a busy road a garden gate is essential.

    • I see your point and I am not saying the parents are faultless, I guess I am approaching this if it were a court case, and to me, it is a no brainier who is to blame.

      And we just don't know, maybe they just move (though I agree, they need a gate!) Either way, I agree, the parents should def learn and feel fault in this, but ultimately the true blame is on the cyclist for me.

  • Eh, I've seen worse. Not anyone's fault really, it's not like the cyclist could see a child that size over the brick wall. Though you could say that the parents should have seen the cyclist and recognized that it was a danger.

    I wouldn't really throw in the "carries on going" thing yahoo threw in there, it's not like you can stop a bicycle going that speed within the 10 or so feet that the camera displayed.

  • I see it as a pure freak accident with no fault

  • I reckon you might have said C - Near a cycle path or a road, the parents should have full control of the child.

  • cyclist... was he blind? o_O