What type of computer should I get?

I'll just start off by saying, YES I'm going to do my own research, and YES I've access to google, I just like the interaction on here.
So I graduated High School a few weeks ago, and my parents have said I can get a computer for a graduation present.
First things first, I need a laptop that I can carry from place to place in college (It's not just a fifteen pound computer, it's fifteen pounds you carry over miles), and I need to use it to do stuff like take notes and do research and all that jazz.
However, I don't want a computer that can just open up a word doc and load up a web browser. I don't need a lot of power, but I'd like to be able to a little gaming on it. I'm also looking at about a grand to maybe 1200.
Any advice?


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  • Alienware is absolutely overrated, you pay mostly for the brand and the flashy colors. Do not get a Dell, they fall apart. If you want the laptop to last, it should be at least an i5, and should definitely have more than 4 GB RAM.

    • It might be overrated, but does it work?
      What brand would be better?
      Razor? Asus?

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    • Yeah I'm sure there are better forums for this
      Thanks man

    • That is a fairly specialized forum for this specific purpose and they are most likely far more knowledgeable about it than I am, especially in terms of brands and types :D all I know is what you need to make sure is there or otherwise you will end up having a brick. I am not a fan of razer by the way, they just make their stuff have green lights and put an extra couple bucks on it. Not sure about their PCs though.

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  • Alienware or Razer 😬

    • Alienware has a really portable one for $950
      What do you think?

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    • Or just wait till next semester when I can get a job.

    • Those are overpriced and overrated.

  • 2015 MacBook Pro or Air, Pro is good for gaming and taking notes and stuff and the Air is good for taking notes and light games and stuff, plus it's cheaper than the Pro.

  • 😯 I really want to be helpful but I have no idea I'll try but don't make fun of the lack of info:
    Macs are always great and reliable but they're expensive so maybe a good ol' HP? Dell is good too, but I would not suggest acer


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  • If you don't need to do heavy video editing, and you don't need heavy gaming (can you be more specific what you mean by "a little gaming"), then definitely get a Dell XPS 13.

    Super thin, super light, super small for the screen size, and it's in your price range.
    $1000 version: www.dell.com/.../pd

    If you don't wanna be paying for the brand name as much, and the nice look and stuff, then maybe the Yoga 2 Pro could work.

    • I've been looking for ultrabooks (smallest and lightest but still has good power) a lot so they're stuck in my head.

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    • Yeah, it has the graphics amplifier so you can "have a desktop experience at home" hahaha

    • Neat. Well, I think people dislike them because of Alienware (a. k. a. Dell) customer service, which is infamous for being shitty.

  • A grand to maybe 1200 ?

    It doesn't have to be that expensive. You could get it for 1/2 that price: a i5 or i7 intel processor, 8Gb of Ram, 2Tb HDD a simple graphic card (not a chip, since you want to game) and a big battery.
    Your most difficult choice will be the display: which size, quality and glossy or matte.
    The bigger the display, the heavier it will be but big displays give more working space.
    A glossy display can catch a lot of reflections if you can't choose were to put your laptop. HDMI can be connected to most new televisions, allowing you real big screen games or movies..

    • I don't WANT to spend that much, that's just the budget I've been given, I'd really rather go cheaper.
      Thanks for the help!

  • I really like my asus rog


    I use it for work and gaming. The 960m can play any game pretty well except the new witcher 3 because that game is just a hoss. IF you want to play that game you could upgrade to the 970m, I believe it will play it.

    I've really come to love asus, I think they make great stuff. If you want to do gaming, simply do not buy an apple, they are a terrible value, in your price range you won't be able to play newer games that have good graphics. The MacBooks in that range won't even have dedicated graphics cards

    • Lol I repeat, don't get a Mac, you'll regret it

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    • I think with Alienware you always pay for more than you get. Compared to others in the price range this one has an outdated cpu, small screen, and less hardrive space. It might work just fine for you, but you can get more for your dollar with asus or other brands.

      The cool thing about the Alienware 13 is it can use the Alienware graphics extender and use desktop graphics cards which are way better than laptop versions. That's going to cost you a lot more though, the extender is 300, a good gpu will be over 200, and I think you need a monitor. That's a lot of extra dough.

      The Alienware might be just fine for you, but it's form over substance. They look great, but they're overpriced

    • I obviously don't know much about computers haha I really appreciate the help
      So does the laptop you were talking about have more power than this Alienware laptop?

  • Get a Mac.
    If not it's cheaper to buy a customer laptop if you want to game. Problem with wanting to game on a laptop is you can't upgrade them so in a few years your laptop will be complete trash for gaming.
    Ummmm make sure if you have to have a laptop and you do want it for gaming whatever you do only look at laptops with a dedicated graphics card. :)

    • The problem with buying a Mac is it will be complete trash for gaming right from the start. You won't find a MacBook with a decent dedicated gpu under 2 grand. For that price you can get an excellent gaming laptop that can play anything

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    • I do like macs, i like the OS but it really sucks when a game comes out that you want to play but you can't.

      I wish there was a way to run a graphics card externally, that would be ideal

    • @Longblackveil yeah that would be cool.

  • laptop i guess... u can use them for gaming as well :)

    • Thanks bro haha
      I meant more like which laptop but thanks hahaha

    • @asker I wouldn't worry he doesn't take enough time to read the questions and give quality answers ever 🙈😂

  • If you're willing to spend 1200, I would get a Mac book. Windows 10 might change my mind, but I just jumped ship to Ubuntu Linux. Mac OS X is based on UNIX, so it's more stable than Windows.

    • If I get a Mac, I'm definitely going to change the OS.
      Don't know how to do that, but I'm a smart guy.
      With Internet.

    • For Windows, I would go with a Surface Pro 3 with the keyboard attachment. It's the best of both worlds (tablet and laptop).

    • You can load Windows onto a Mac, if that's what you want. You just have to leave 5% of the hard disk for the original Mac OS. Mine is 50/50 Mac OS/Windows.

  • which OS do you prefer?
    if something goes wrong are you able to make repairs?

    • I prefer windows.
      I can take apart a lawnmower engine and put it back together, but computers are beyond me

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    • Oh man, if I could get windows to run on a Mac, that'd be awesome

    • A friend of mine had her MacBook last 9 years. For those who rarely ever want to make upgrades or repairs it a great machine.

  • I'd say build your own computer and save money, but I don't know if that's possible with a laptop.

    • You can, but compared to building a desktop the difficulty level is a lot higher and it may end up not being any more bang for the buck than just buying one outright

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