I want good game suggestions to be a bit nerd over summer :P?

I don't have much to do in summer, and I don't be gamnig at all other than that couz im in university so really no time.. but i was looknig for some cool suggestions to consider to play on pc... i ordered far cry 4 and gta 5 for pc i think that 2 is gonna be kick ass but i hope my pc won't burn couz my specs are not that good :D !

any suggestions?
ps i like games like hitman splinter cell cod4.. but tbh i like games with very good storylines too.. like dishonored.. when u look at it, it looks like a game to 10 years old but the story just woops you in..


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  • magicka 2 maybe

    • nah, i hate games like that.. including lol, age of, and all that kinda things

    • magicka is not like lol but I don't know

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  • Mass Effect. The story makes you love the characters. Your decision affects everyone and everything in the Galaxy.

    • dont like that typo game

  • wot game sysems u own?

    • u mean platform? pc. OR
      you mean my specs? they are average, i can run bf3 on full i believe but its old

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